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SEPTEMBER 2015: Filing regarding Financial Aid Just Got a LOT Easier

SEPTEMBER 2015: Filing regarding Financial Aid Just Got a LOT Easier

Is actually time for a different monthly wrap! Let’s view what appeared in the examination prep in addition to college vestibule industry with September.

Medical history for Educational funding just got a lot simpler

There are some large changes arriving at the FAFSA! Starting in 2012, the FAFSA will come in October instead of in January, giving individuals much more the perfect time to fill out the application form. In addition , scholars won’t have to decide which college to attend in advance of getting their particular financial aid selections and families can use a IRS data-retrieval tool in order to auto-populate a number of fields for the FAFSA. It will help make trying to find financial aid simplier and easier for everyone, and may even allow a lot more families to make use of and get facilitate.

Rising Component Volume

Within the last few years the volume of applications have been increasing. What does thiis necessarily mean? Increasing applying it volume may result in lower worldwide recognition rates, quite possibly schools may instead elect to accept a great deal more students. Read more about this unique in United. S. News article, ‘What Expanding College Program Volume Means for the Class for 2020. ‘

Test An option? How about basically no scores in anyway?

Hampshire University, a school on Massachusetts, needed to not recognize SAT or ACT lots at all. The very Washington Article wrote concerning this decision, which usually features responses from Jonathan Lash, Director of Hampshire College, on the impact this kind of decision has experienced on the university student body. Continue reading