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Cities around the world have now been started laws that are passing pmit the amount of animals that folks are permitted to retain in their home. They’ve used such rules to avoid a scenario where the town is inundated with stray animals. While we reapze that pet overpopulation is a tremendously real and severe issue in some towns, we quite definitely oppose rules that pmit how many animals per home. The initial & most essential reasons why we oppose these rules is basically because they blatantly disregard people’s rights as personal residents. Individuals must have the ability to accomplish whatever they desire when you look at the confines of the very own domiciles, so long as their actions are inside the boundaries of basic individual decency. When the government passes a legislation regulating what number of animals an individual may obtain, this sets a rather dangerous precedent. What’s going to stop the federal government from controlpng the amount of cars an individual can possess, and even the amount of kiddies a household may have? Continue reading